In this Privacy Statement, you and your means you the applicant. We, us or our means

Goal Statement
At, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ten Angle Technology Pvt Ltd (, our goal is to meet the needs of our customers. We respect the privacy of our customers and we believe you have the right to expect that information you entrust to us will be treated with appropriate discretion. As part of our Privacy Policy, we have adopted the following principles to serve as standards.

Recognition of Customer’s Expectations of Privacy
Because recognizes that you have the right to privacy, we also recognize that you have the right to expect your personal financial information to remain private and secure. While certain information is critical to providing quality service, we cannot overlook the fact that one of our most important assets is our customers’ trust. Therefore, the safekeeping of customer information is a priority at

Our Collection, Our Customers and Use of Information About You
Information about our customers is accumulated from a variety of sources. Some of the information is provided to directly by you. Other information could be obtained from outside sources. We will limit the use and collection of information about our customers to that which is necessary to administer our business, provide exceptional service, and mitigating potential risks or losses to We will use this information only in accordance with the principles indicated in this policy. This privacy policy applies to people signing up on said site.

We may use the information you supply on this site to work with other third-party businesses to bring selected retail opportunities to our members via direct mail, email, and telemarketing. These businesses may include providers of direct marketing services and applications, including lookup and reference, data enhancement, suppression and validation and email marketing. USA PATRIOT Act. In order to prevent the United States payment system from being used to finance terrorist activities or for money laundering, federal law now requires that we obtain from you and verify information establishing your identity. We must have your full name, your current address, your social security or other taxpayer identification number and your date of birth. As with other information we collect, this information will be used and transferred only as permitted by law.

You authorize us to collect this information, to verify the information provided and to transfer it as you direct.

Maintenance of Accurate Information has established procedures to ensure that your financial information is accurate, current and complete, in keeping with reasonable commercial standards. Should you ever believe that our records contain inaccurate or incomplete information about you, please notify us. We will investigate your concerns and correct any inaccuracies in a timely manner.

Limitations on Access to Information
At, employee access to personally identifiable customer information will be limited to those with a business reason for knowing such information. Employees are trained on the importance of maintaining the confidentiality of customer information. All™ employees are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of customer information and any employee who violates these privacy principles will be subject to disciplinary measures.

Restrictions on the Disclosure of Account Information
Except as otherwise provided in this privacy policy, it is policy not to reveal specific information about customer accounts or other personally identifiable data to unaffiliated third parties for their independent use unless 1) the information is provided to help complete a customer-initiated transaction; 2) the customer requests or authorizes it; 3) The information is provided to a reputable credit bureau or similar information reporting agency; 4) the disclosure is required or allowed by law (e.g. subpoena, investigation of fraudulent activity, request by regulator, etc.); or 5) the customer has been informed about the possibility of disclosure for marketing purposes through a prior notice and given the opportunity to decline or “opt-out”, whenever required or as permitted by law.

Responding to Customer Inquiries
Customers who have questions about these Privacy Principles or have a question about the privacy of their customer information can contact us at

Protection of Customer Information on our Web Site reserves the right to collect and store the email address and other pertinent personal information of all registered users regardless of profile status. Furthermore, we may collect and store the e-mail address and/or phone number of anyone, client or otherwise, who communicates with us in any fashion. We also reserve the right to store any other information given to us by clients and visitors via traveling to the website that we feel is of importance to successfully expanding our business. Internal storage of data will be used for upgrading the functionality of our website and notifying our clients of improvements/updates to the website. In no way will your information be sold to a 3rd party, regardless of the situation. Your information will only be used for purposes directly relevant to the enhancement of If at some time, our privacy policy changes, we will post the new privacy policy on for all to see. Furthermore, Terms of Use are incorporated herein by reference and made a part hereof. In the event of a conflict between the Terms of Use and this Privacy Policy, the Terms of Use will govern and control for all purposes.